I wrote this song in a hotel room. It was one of those moments that hits you after a few months on the road…the moment that defines what you miss about home. These were the days before cell phones and texting and I had been leaving messages on our tape answering machine at home…usually during musician hours which can be pretty late. Anyway, you get the picture…the song was really just a postcard to Diana.


The interesting thing about this song is that I had written originally in a John Lennon style…kinda slow and sad with a touch of angst. It all sounded good in hotel rooms, but when I recorded it there was a very obvious problem. It was a drag!! So I put it on the shelf as another failure to launch song.


One day (a few years later) I was jamming through a bunch of Ricky Nelson and Everly Brothers songs and after I had used up all their words I threw in the lyric from Send My Heart into a similar structure to keep the jam going… I caught a glimpse of how good it sounded in an up-tempo Tennessee shuffle sort of way… I learned to sing as a child from watching episodes of Ozzie and Harriet so the Ricky Nelson thing came to me very quickly and naturally.


This video is completely homespun. I made it with the original intent of postcards from faraway places. The Magic Sing-O-Gram studio was a last minute tie that gave me a full story line. Many thanks to Jain and Mario for their help and contributions.