“Who Do You Think You Are”

remains one of my favorite Zero One songs. It was conceived while on tour in Northern Ontario in late 1980. It is one of 10 songs I had written and Zero One demoed for the second album (which was to be titled Zero One Two). Although we had completed the arrangement for it’s first presentation in early 1981 (for the Q107 live broadcast from the El Mocambo), we had not finished recording the demo until after that performance. So in fact Gary Lalonde played the live broadcast performance, but left the band before we had a chance to record the demo. We used Jim Elder for this recording and if you look closely at the split second snippets of the bass player, that’s Jim Elder on this video.


As per the origins of this video it was made entirely at the Ryerson Video Studios in downtown Toronto. Shortly after we did a performance and radio interview at Ryerson, two Ryerson undergrads approached Anthem for permission to make two videos for Zero One…it was their thesis and final project for graduation… I was excited about the idea of making a video for this particular song and I lobbied hard to make it a contender…even though it was in an unedited demo state I felt it represented a unique direction change for the band. The second album didn’t transpire, and the song remains (as it is in this video), in a demo state.